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I offer stretch mark treatments by doing an ink-less method, in which I use a serum for my glide made up of 100% all natural organic serum treating each individual stretch mark!  Think of it as a non-invasive, skin rejuvenation technique that targets the underlying layers of the skin. By using specialized devices and techniques, the treatment stimulates collagen production and promotes cell turnover in the affected area. This helps to rebuild and repair the damaged skin tissues, gradually reducing the visibility of stretch marks over time.  

Scar Resurfacing is a treatment I also offer using a vitamin infused cocktail mixture that is used to help aid scars with hyperpigmentation and texture.

Stretch Mark/Scar Camouflage in which pigment is used. This is normal tattoo ink but a process is used to make sure the ink is very blend-able and no harsh lines are made, not as much pressure is applied in which the pigment does not reach the level of skin that a normal tattoo would receive. I use a special pigment matching system to get the right shade to match as close to your natural skin tone as possible and apply it along the stretch marks/scar to help them "disappear".

Real Patients
Real Results

Gabrielle is amazing! She is very attentive and professional through the entire process. I am extremely happy I reached out to her and let her work her magic, very happy with the results!!! Thank you!!

Highly recommend Gabrielle for any of your stretch mark/scar needs! She’s done one treatment on me for stretch marks, so far and I am amazed with the results…can’t wait to see them after more treatments! I’m also excited to see her work her magic on my surgical scars in a few months. Make sure you check Gabrielle out, you WON’T be disappointed!


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Stretch Mark Resurfacing Before and After


2 weeks


Stretch Mark Resurfacing Before and After


Stretch Mark Resurfacing Before


Stretch Mark Resurfacing After

after one session

Stretch Mark Resurfacing Before
Stretch Mark Resurfacing After


after 2nd session

scar resurfacing

Scare Resurfacing Before and After



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