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Many of our artists have been with us since we opened our first shop. We look to hire artists that want to stay with our shops for the long haul.

Join our vibrant tattoo family at Lucky Gal Tattoo & Piercing!

Macee Pruisner
Michele Pruisner
Chris Pruisner


Promote a family friendly environment - we want you to be successful!!


We pay for most of the supplies you use (ink, needles, etc.)

We offer a very competitive percentages!!

Every artist receives a complimentary $10,000 life insurance benefit after 90 days 

Access to Vision, Dental and Voluntary Life Benefits with Lucky Gal contributing 50% or more depending on your benefit selections

Our substantial advertising budget means your talent will be showcased to a vast audience, ensuring your artistry reaches new heights.


Thinking of growing your own family?  We offer a maternity leave bonus to help you during this exciting time!!

Fortune Cookie tattoo drawing
Mom heart tattoo drawing
Ghost with a grave tattoo drawing
Eyeball tattoo drawing
straight blade tattoo drawing
Lucky playing cards tattoo drawing

Benefits for joining our team - we do it differently!!

Come join the LG Family  today for an exciting new opportunity!!  

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