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How long does a tattoo take to heal?

A tattoo generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to heal. Although everyone's skin is different. Some May take a longer healing time and some might heal quicker than others.

What should I do for aftercare with my new tattoo?

The best method for aftercare on a healing tattoo is the K.I.S.S. method. "Keep It Simple Stupid" You should generally just try to keep your tattoo clean and moist. Wash it thoroughly about 4 to 5 times daily with a regular alcohol free anti-bacterial soap. A liquid soap tends to work a lot better. Dial is a great brand. If you have a bar of soap wash your hands well then work a lather into your hands and apply soap on to the tattoo directly. Rinse well. Never use a washcloth or rag to clean the tattoo. Apply a small amount of lotion on to the tattoo after it is fully dry. Usually just after every time you wash it, and also if it looks or feels like it's drying out or getting rough. Make sure the lotion you use is as natural and simple as possible. Nothing fancy. Alcohol and fragrance free is the way to go. Anything like Lubriderm, Jergens, Cocoa Butter, Equate, etc... I wouldn't suggest any ointments or anything petroleum based. Not even A & D ointment. Products such as these tend to trap bacteria in, clogs the pores of your skin and prevents the oxygen from treating your healing skin. Also some individual's skin may act differently to ointments. Simple lotions are a 100% effective method. Nice, sweet and simple.

How do I choose a new tattoo?

Generally you would base it off of something that means something special to you. It could be a memorable life event, the celebration of a new life or maybe the grieving of a lost loved one you could represent in a memorial tattoo. Maybe something that defines your personality or a statement you are strong about, such as beliefs or a certain turning point of your life. You may just like to show off beautiful art that catches your eye, or maybe a picture a loved one drew or painted for you, or a design that you created yourself that you are fond of. A great way to find a design for what you're looking for is to roam the internet and use google images or bing images. The best way to find a design is to bring your ideas to your local tattoo artist. Have a consultation and make an appointment. The artist will generally work with you back and forth on your ideas and keep adjusting their design to suit your fancy.

How do I go about making an appointment or getting a new tattoo?

First you are going to have to find the place you are comfortable receiving your new piece of art. Maybe a recommended artist or shop. Go in to the shop and ask to speak to someone about getting a new tattoo. At which time you will start your consultation. What we mean by "consultation" is when you will talk over ideas of what you're wanting tattooed, where you want to put it on your body, and when you would like to do it. Depending on the size and the schedule of the artist you may be able to do it right then, maybe later that day, or make an appointment for a future date. Some artists will require a deposit for an appointment. The deposit varies from artist to artist, some will charge 10 bucks, some 20, some don't require one at all. Usually if they do take a deposit that money will go towards the payment of your tattoo.

What is the reason for paying a deposit for an appointment?

The best reason for the artist to take a deposit while setting up your appointment is a good show of faith. It shows that you are serious and committed to going in at the discussed date and time to receive your new tattoo. Also it is insurance for the artist in case you do not show up and he pushes other work aside waiting on you. It also goes to the time your artist spent designing and drawing your new body art.

How much do tattoos cost?

There is no set price for tattoos. Shops and artists charge a variety of different prices. It all depends on the size, detail, colors, placement. Some artists will charge one flat price for the piece. Sometimes they will charge an hourly rate for "session work" if the tattoo is large or is gonna take multiple sittings. Which again varies from artist to artist. The payment for session work also can be different for individual artists. Some will have you pay after each session. Others might have you pay altogether after the tattoo is complete. A general price range for session work can range from $70 to $150 per hour. A respectable artist will only charge for the actual tattooing time. Not including breaks, setting up, making the stencil, or cleaning and wrapping your finished tattoo. Some shops will have a shop minimum, which is the lowest price they will do a tattoo for. Most of the time it's gonna be roughly $70. A lot of artists will work with you on the price to better fit your budget. ***"Good Tattoos Aren't Cheap, Cheap Tattoos Aren't Good"*** - Sailor Jerry

Do tattoos hurt?

Of course it will most likely hurt but the feeling of a tattoo is a lot different for every individual. It depends on your pain tolerance, the placement of the tattoo, the size, and the detail. Muscular spots of the body tend to be a little more tender than usual. Boney spots will also be uncomfortable. Spots such as your upper arm, shoulder, and leg might be a more suitable comfortable spot for first timers.

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