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Registered nurse & Medical reconstructive tattooist 

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Auston Horras got his first tattoo on his 18th birthday from our own Lucky Anderson! 20 years later, Auston is a Registered Nurse, but he always wanted to be a tattoo artist when he grew up. His mother was a doctor in Knoxville, Iowa, and passed away in 2012 after a battle with breast cancer. This led him to Lucky Gal as a medical reconstructive tattoo artist. When he isn't at Lucky Gal, Auston works as an ER nurse in his hometown. In his “spare time” he works as a Paramedic, and occasionally spends time at home with his wife, 6 kids, and a dog.

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Is areola and nipple tattooing a good choice for me?

Breasts tattoos aren’t just for breast cancer survivors, but it is also for anyone seeking to improve their overall breast appearance.
This service might be a good option if you relate to any of the following:
• breast cancer survivor
• post mastectomy
• areola restoration
• subcutaneous mastectomy
• breast augmentation
• breast reconstruction
• breast lift
• male chest reconstruction
• keyhole surgery
• female to male surgery (FTM)
• sex reassignment

What’s the difference between Areola, Nipple, 3-D Areola and 4-D Areola Tattoos?

Try not to get caught up in terminology vs techniques. We consult with each of our clients to determine what tattoo technique best fits their needs.
Additional terms you may have heard of, but are all cohesive with are services are as follows:
• 3-D nipple tattoo
• 4-D nipple tattoo
• 3-D areola tattoo
• 4-D areola tattoo
• three dimensional nipple areola tattoo
• areola restoration
• realistic areola tattoo
• nipple and areola micro-pigmentation
• 3-D post mastectomy
• breast tattoo design

Does it hurt?

Normally, the client does not feel any pain. Each case is different though and depending on your particular surgery there may be some small amount of sensation but it usually is minimal or mildly uncomfortable.

How long do I have to wait after surgery to have the procedure done?

Healing time after surgery can take up to 18 months. We recommend you wait at least a year or until your surgeon clears you for reconstructive tattoos.

I had nipple reconstruction… can I still get tattooed?

Yes, although there are occasions when the pigment does not take well on the reconstructed nipple. The reconstructed nipple as well as the area around it can still be tattooed, but follow up visits may be needed to ensure adequate pigment retention in that area.

How long does the procedure take?

The entire appointment for both bilateral and unilateral typically takes up to 3 hours. This includes numbing, layout, and pigment color selection. The actual tattoo time is about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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