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Haylie Gay

Tattoo Artist

you can find me at the southside location!

Haylie Gay is a versatile tattoo artist with experience in both black/grey and color.  She prefers tattooing black and grey realism but can also achieve color realism, portraits,  illustrative designs, fine line work, traditional, neo traditional, water color, tribal, and lettering!  Her art background began as a little girl learning from various family members.  She began drawing and coloring, eventually expanding into other mediums such as paint and sculpture.  In 2009 she began her journey into tattooing, at only sixteen years old she was gifted a tattoo kit from her parents.  At 19 years old she secured her first position in a professional shop as an apprentice, and at 21 she graduated to full time tattoo artist.  When not at the tattoo shop Haylie can be found with her husband and three kids.  She enjoys painting, gaming, and crocheting. 

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